AWESTAR Student Mission Trip

June 20th
Signup Deadline:  June 1st


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OKLAHOMA CITY Student Mission Trio
Reach the Unreached in your own Backyard

Engaging with internationals, locally
What if you could get an overseas experience, right in your backyard?

Imagine going to the capitol of Oklahoma and engaging with diverse people groups from some of the most gospel opposing nations of the world. Opportunities to prayer walk in Temples, Mosques & Ethnically ingrained Neighborhoods; as well as Prayer eat ( yes we did say eat!) in ethnic restaurants as you pray for divine encounters.  Imagine going door to door in Refugee neighborhoods and engaging them with a survey that leads to prayer and gospel conversations.  Imagine sitting in parks practicing simple ESL activities with people from Asia & the Middle East that are learning to speak their first words in English. Can you Imagine yourself sitting with someone who has just arrived in the United States and you get to be the first introduction to Christianity that they have ever had? Yeah- pretty amazing right?! Well, this is the Oklahoma International Mission opportunity!

You will be immersed in communities to be the light of Jesus. You will hear stories from other cultures, experience different foods, learn to really listen and see the heart of someone who has never actually heard the Good News of Jesus.

What is Prayer Eating?
Where you intentionally target international restaurants where the owners and staff are from another culture or language to engage them with the gospel.  You do this through initiating conversations that build a bridge that gives you opportunity to share the Gospel, pray for specific needs and build an ongoing relationships with someone from a cross-cultural community that does not follow Jesus.

What does it mean to do a Census or Survey?
Communities are changing all the time. This is an opportunity to go door to door, connect with the people, pray for them, hear their stories, and survey the neighborhoods.

Do I need previous experience in ESL (English as a Second Language) to be effective?
No. We will have some training for you. It is mostly about conversations, so if you can speak English, you are good to go. 



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Due to the laws in India, the trip dates and location must be vague.