Newtown Mission with True Life Church

April 06 2019, 1 day
Newtown, MO (near St Louis)
Signup Deadline:  March 30th

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Community Yard Sale

Opportunity for serving God by supporting Newtown during their community yard sale.  We will canvas the Newtown neighborhood handing out invitations to their Easter Service.  Church bus leaves in the morning and returns in the evening.  One day of serving and fellowship in Newtown to support our church plant.

New York Mission

June 02 2019, 5 days
Queens, New York
Signup Deadline:  May 1st

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We will start each day with worship/pray and training. The training will focus on understanding beliefs, worldviews, religions, cultures in the context of the Queens neighborhood we will be working in and then applying biblical principles to overcome common barriers and build bridges to share the Gospel. After this we will GO out and apply theses biblical principles. Each day we will apply these biblical principles in different ways. One day we will Prayer Walk, another we will love the community by sweeping sidewalks; another we will participate in a scavenger hunt or games to engage people who are hungry to hear God’s good news of Salvation. We will break around lunchtime and most likely have an authentic South Asian meal (Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Nepali, etc). After lunch we will visit a temple. Each day we will visit a different temple (Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Sikhs). While in the temple we will learn their religion as well as read scripture from our Bibles and pray for the lost people. After this, will go out for a couple of hours to a city park where will invite children to participate in games, activities, songs, snacks, and a Bible story.

India Mission

Sept. 23rd 2019, 10 days
Signup Deadline:  June 16th


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For Men:

Our main work is training and equipping Indian Pastors to lead and multiply churches by teaching a theological curriculum.  This training teaches Indian Pastors to easily and effectively share the gospel, make disciples, plant churches, and recruit future church planters.  

For Women:

Our main work is to share the gospel and make disciples within the Red Light District and Slums .  We do this by teaching a theological curriculum.

Newtown Mission with True Life Church

October 12 2019, 1 day
Newtown, MO (near St Louis)
Signup Deadline:  Oct 5th

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October Fall Festival

Opportunity for serving…by having fun!  Fall Festival with our church plant in Newtown.  This is truly a fun family event for all ages.  Activities include pumpkin carving and games- also serving popcorn and cotton candy.  Put on by True Life Community Church in Newtown, we will come alongside them in fellowship and service.  Church bus leaves in the morning and returns in the evening. 


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