| Team FBC



Our Vision is to fulfill God’s Vision.  In Revelation 7: 9-11, God makes His Vision clear by saying He wants to make His name known to all.  It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to do our best to fulfill His Vision.   Jesus tells us how in Matthew 28: 18-20 where He says to make disciples and plant churches.  To accomplish this, we will do as is taught in Mark 4: 26-27 and GO share the Gospel where it has never been heard.  This will expand His Kingdom and allow us to be a part of God’s redemptive history that will culminate into the return of Jesus.


We are strategic about the partners we choose. These partners act as Christ’s ambassadors and enable our vision to become a reality through their dedication.


There is something about stepping out of our comfort zones that brings us closer to Jesus. We go on trips to change the world, but we find ourselves changed and with a new vision for missions.

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