Giving FAQs

Accountability and integrity are vitally important in every aspect of our church, and it’s no different when it comes to finances. We will always honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and transparency so that Team FBC can always be trusted.

Questions on giving

How do I setup recurring giving or update my current my current recurring schedule?

Setting Up Recurring Giving

1. Click here to get started

2. Select the Frequency in which you’d like to give. (Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, etc…)

3. Enter amount you’d like to give.

4. Select the date that you would like for this gift to be charged on.

5. Select the “Next” button

6. Sign-In or Sign-Up to Continue

7. Confirm your giving by clicking “Give *Frequency* gift of *Amount*

Once you’ve started recurring giving you can change the amount or the frequency by simply logging in and clicking the profile icon on the top right, followed by the recurring botton.


How do I view my gift history?

It is actually very simple to view the history of your giving. After you sign in, click the profile icon on the top right. Then you can click the gift history tap.

Why should I give online?

We want to start off by saying there is nothing wrong with giving in-person. We offer online giving as an option to provide another convenient option for you to give. We understand that our tithe is an act of worship, and we want to provide options for you to do this however is best for you.

Why should I tithe?

In Malachi 3:10 it tells us to bring our first 10% to Him. Jesus affirms this statement in the New Testament.


Can I give above my tithe to a specific area?

Yes we have options to give above your normal tithe through an offering! Just pick which area you would like to give your offering towards, and the rest of the process is the exact same.