Church Overview

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Our Mission

Reach our community and the communities around us through building bridges one relationship at a time.

Our Strategy

Build: Relationships are the key to building strong healthy churches.

Bring: For the local church to grow there has to be environments that are engaging and helpful.

Belong: Everybody needs a place where they don’t have to feel left out.

What We Believe

  • About Scriptures: We believe that the Bible are the living breathing word of God. The scriptures are alive today and applicable to our everyday. The scriptures were inspired by the Holy Spirit, therefore it is without fault.
  • About God: We believe that God is one being with three distinct forms: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ (the Son) came to the world to save the world.
  • About Humanity: We believe that all humans were created equal and in the image of God. The destructive nature of sin separated us from God. Therefore, we are in need of a savior to bring us back to righteousness.
  • About the Christian Life: We believe that Christians should be striving to be more Christ-like everyday. We understand that even Christians fail. However, it’s not how much you fail instead it’s how well you recover.
  • About the Church: We believe that the church is the body of Christ. We are to actively show love to the world. Simply, we are to love God and love people.